Total Academic Package

Customized college bound consulting programs for high school students

Plan, Execute, and Assess

Once a detailed roadmap is created, based on our assessment of the student, and parents, the Insight Academics team supports our students with our resources and personnel. Sometimes, encouragement, motivation, and advice are good enough to achieve targeted goals. Other times, counseling, mentoring, and other forms of support are needed. We’re prepared to offer students what they need.

Backed by Outstanding Tutors and Mentors

Big projects, or smaller tasks, are backed by outstanding Insight Academix tutors and mentors. Insight Academix is ready to support SAT/ACT test preparation and AP/IB or any challenging classes. Our students and their parents receive periodic updates and assessment meetings with the Insight Academix team in order to fine tune their roadmap to maximize student potentials as we learn more about the student.

Unique Plan, Great Achievements

Typical Big Projects, some of our recent Insight Academix students have successfully performed, are high end research projects, in Olympiads in mathematics or biology, entomology blog, Architectural portfolio and more.

Time to Start Application Process

The last day of a student’s junior year is the first day of the college application season. But Insight Academix students don’t wait till the last minute. Our students start to meet their counselors and coaches to brainstorm common app essays ahead of time — sometimes years ahead of time. They talk about the fact these essays should be personal yet strategic. While working on their essays, students also build college lists for admissions.

Apply to Your Dream Colleges

Our students apply to 15 to 20 colleges, categorized into reach, target, and safety schools based on their qualifications. We carefully match each student with the best-fit schools, considering their unique attributes and preferences. Early application, especially through Early Decision, is emphasized, and we ensure that majors align with students' growth plans. Recommendations are secured well in advance, and we provide ongoing support to students and parents throughout the application process, including follow-ups for deferred or waitlisted applications.

“No great journey begins without a map and a plan.”

Ask any successful individual and you’ll find they didn’t get to where they are now without a goal, and a plan to reach that goal.
That’s why we start with assessing every student and setting up a Roadmap to their goal/destination.

Research by Dr. Gail Matthews at Dominican University revealed that people who wrote down their goals and shared progress reports were 33% more successful in achieving their goals than those who just formulated goals. So while the exact percentages vary across studies, the general consensus is that only a minority of people, perhaps somewhere between 10-30%, actually follow through and accomplish their written goals over an extended period of time. Regular follow-up, accountability, and specific action plans seem to increase the likelihood of goal attainment.

The main takeaway is that setting goals is easy, but consistently working towards them and overcoming inevitable obstacles is where most people struggle. Writing goals down is helpful, but needs to be combined with diligent execution for achieving ambitious aims.That’s why we make sure we follow up regularly with students, and check on and talk about their progress towards their goals.

Students start preparing for college admissions as yearly as 6th grade but many start in the 9th grade. We’ve found middle school students enjoy building up their foundation of skills to reach higher goals in upcoming years, even if they don’t have a career goal or college in mind yet.

Regardless which grade students start our program, the first thing is a detailed assessment of their abilities and establishing their short and long term goals.