Your Goals And Aspirations

We specialize in helping our students find and gain admission to private boarding schools, Ivy League colleges and graduate schools. We also help students wanting to apply for advanced degrees such as medical school, MBA’s, and PhD’s.

Highly customized and personalized

Insight Academix provides highly tailored and personalized plans for individual students, ensuring they achieve their specific goals and aspirations.

Step by step approach

Insight Academix follows a systematic approach to support students, beginning with a thorough assessment of new students. Our experts then create personalized Roadmaps for students and their families. Based on these Roadmaps, our counselors assist students in executing their plans and regularly evaluate their progress. Through this process, students gain confidence in preparing for college admissions as they plan, execute, and assess their progress.

Insight Academix Services by Grade

Private/Boarding Admissions Package

Middle school students who preparing private high school or boarding school admissions
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Total Academic Package

Customized college bound consulting programs for high school students
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College Transfer Package

College freshmen and sophomore students who are planning to transfer their schools
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Graduate School Package

Masters and doctoral program admissions including medical schools, business schools, and law schools.
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