Private / Boarding
Admission Package

Middle school students who preparing private high school or boarding school admissions

Laying Out the Groundwork for Long Term Success
Our private day or boarding school admission process is similar to college admissions but includes unique features. We want to establish strong foundations for future academic success. We’re in this for the long view — the ultimate goal you and your child have for your futures.
Tailored to Improve Core Competence
Our private day or boarding schools admissions program don’t just shelter your child while they’re with us. We develop the best target school list customized for each student based on our interaction and observation of them. We improve each student’s core competence.
SSAT, ISEE, School Work
We help students prepare for standardized tests, such as SSAT and ISEE and manage school work - utilizing excellent tutors who are ready to support as well as train, teach, and tutor.
Personalized Projects
Each student is expected to design a project to accelerate their academic and personal growth. This kind of individual effort helps the student, but also appeals to admissions officers.