Graduate School Package

Masters and doctoral program admissions including medical schools, business schools, and law schools.

Customized Programs Help Students Excel in Graduate School Admissions.

Graduate schools admissions are more complicated than undergrad schools. They adopt different selection protocols by individual departments. Masters programs, for instance, have their own admissions staff and focus on only department admissions. Insight Academix specializes in customized support for each student and in help finding a good fit for graduate school admissions.

More than Medical Schools

Insight Academix has been supporting students pursuing higher education for over a decade. Their destinations include medical schools, master programs in computer science, data science, economics, history, and engineering, and PhD programs. Medical schools are popular destinations, but computer science related master programs are becoming an increasing area of academia.

The Insight Academix Roadmap Continues to Graduate Schools

Insight Academix employs the same approach for graduate school admissions as we do for college admissions. After assessing our students, we create a personalized Roadmap tailored to target specific graduate programs. This roadmap guides students on managing coursework, preparing for standardized tests, and selecting and designing projects and activities to enhance their applications. Our expert essay coaches and editors refine their essays to perfection. We maintain extensive academic and industry networks to support students in reaching their higher education goals.