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Within 5 days, finish your applications and reduce admissions stress by working one-on-one with top consultants to complete:


  • All application essays, including the personal statement and supplemental essays, polished and edited.

  • A well-crafted and professional resume.

  • Applications for all your schools.


Use your free time to the fullest! Work with the experts to maximize your chances of admission! 


Program runs from September 20th to December 20th, please contact us to schedule an appointment.




Our Comprehensive Application Package

The Application process can be stressful and overwhelming. With our full application package, you’ll receive one-on-one support for everything you need for fifteen complete college applications. Our admissions consultants will work one-on-one with you to make sure the application process is smooth, enjoyable, and ends with admission into your top schools. 

School List Selection

These next four years will be some of the most formative years of your life, so it's important that your college list not only represents where you’re likely to get in, but where you’ll feel most academically and socially fulfilled. Our consultants take into account your interests, activities, and academic profile in order to craft you a full and comprehensive college list.

Early Application Strategy

According to numerous studies, admissions ratios for early decision and early action applicants are continuously much higher than those of regular decision applicants. Therefore, tailoring an early application strategy is crucial for acceptance into your top school. Our consultants will work with you to develop an early application strategy that maximizes your chance of acceptance.

Main Essay

The 650-word main personal statement is arguably the most important essay of the entire application. Through this essay, schools will better understand your unique voice as a student and an individual, and the stronger the personal statement, the higher the chance of acceptance. Our consultants and expert editors will guide you in every stage of crafting your essay, from the initial brainstorming, to the first draft, to the final polished essay that gets sent to your schools. We’ll make sure your personality, strengths, and character shine through in every word.

Additional Supplemental Essays

In addition to the personal statement, many colleges will ask that you complete additional essays as part of their application. These essays will be evaluated in terms of how you, as a student, will best fit into a school’s vibrant community. Our consultants and editors will provide you with expert, inside advice on what schools look for in a student, so you can write the perfect supplemental essays. We will work one-on-one through brainstorming, drafting, and the final draft, to convince schools that you are the right fit for their community.


Many colleges ask for a resume so they can get a complete sense of your academic accomplishments, awards, and publications, that might not be on the initial application. A well-crafted, polished resume ensures that colleges will take note of each and every one of your accomplishments. Our editors will make sure your resume is up-to-date, professional, and eye catching, so you can send it to schools with confidence.

Common App Review

It's important to make sure the application is perfect, as it is one of the main components that schools will look at before making an admissions decision. Our consultants will meticulously go through every section of the application with you to ensure that everything is complete and looks great. We’ll make sure every section is used to its fullest to get the attention of schools and maximize your admissions chances.

Recommendation Letter strategy

Most colleges require a letter of recommendation from both a counselor and a teacher. However, many schools also allow applicants to submit optional letters of recommendation from additional teachers, research mentors, or family members. Our consultants will help you plan out a recommendation strategy, as well as provide advice on asking for recommendations and submitting optional recommendations, to ensure you have top notch letters that reflect well on your character and individuality.

Due Date Plan

With a whirlwind of both early and regular application due dates, don’t let yourself be overwhelmed! Let our consultants create an individualized plan for applications, essays, and supplemental materials, so you can submit your applications on time, every time!

College Info

With the impact of the pandemic upon college admissions, things are more uncertain than ever. Our consultants have been working tirelessly to pinpoint just what schools are looking for during this time, and we are proud to share this expert advice with you. Additionally, our knowledge of what types of students top schools are looking for will help fine-tune your profile for your top college, strengthening your chances of admission.


A La Carte Options

With our A La Carte Services, you can pick and choose which premier services you require, rather than the entire package. Create an individualized package based on your admissions needs.

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