of Insight Academix students have been admitted to their top choice colleges, including Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Columbia, Yale, UPenn, Brown, Cornell, Stanford, and Duke.

How Our Programs Work

New student Assessment

Insight Academix consultants meet every new student AND their parents. We see students and their families in a holistic way — understanding that students also have lives, family, social demands, and interests outside their academic pursuits.


We create a Roadmap that involves both academic and personal goals. We've perfected a detailed map for individuals based on a careful review and analysis of each student. Our Roadmap is the proven “golden pass” our students use to reach their college admissions and career goals.


Insight Academix staff, coaches, and tutors support our students professionally, academically, and mentally to ensure they follow their Roadmap, and complete their plans so they reach their goals. We don’t expect them to do it all alone, which is why we’re there for them every step of the way.


Insight Academix consultants not only evaluate a student’s academic performance but also assess the student’s overall well-being, emotions, and personal development. We ensure they achieve their goals while still enjoying their high school or college experience.


Insight Academix believes in selecting and working towards a desired college as early as possible. We believe in a strong, well “thought out”, early and regular strategy, with a specific major and career planning.

Insight Academix Team

"Our staff is also familiar with perfect service activities for each uniquely situated student. Many of our students have founded and run a Non-Profit Organization (NP0) while still in high school, using it to realize their dream activities, or to get more experience for their major."

- David Hwang, CEO & Co-founder -

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