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Our Programs


We are committed to providing results for our students. We are a team of trained education professionals who will work with students to reach their highest goals. We boost your profile from the bottom up, building a personalized academic and extracurricular plan, as well as resume-boosting opportunities such as national competitions, prestigious summer programs, and mentored research projects.

Consulting Services


At Insight Academix, we target each part of the application to maximize your chances of admission. Starting as early as 6th grade, we help students develop academic and extracurricular profiles to make your applications competitive. We also support undergraduate and graduate students using the same core strategy to develop students’ potential and readiness for the application process.

High School
Admission & Counseling

  • Support for private and magnet school admissions

  • SAT, ACT, AP, and IB planning and preparation

  • Course selection and planning

  • Competition search and preparation

  • Research mentorship and publication support

  • Developing leadership through extracurricular activities and community service

  • Support for competitive summer program applications



  • Building a balanced list of reach, target, and safety schools

  • Optimizing the student's profile to create best fit for each college

  • Early Admission and Regular Decision strategies

  • Advising for Common App

  • Editing for essays, resumes, and supplemental materials

  • Mock interviews

  • Deferral and waitlist strategies

  • Advice when selecting final choice

College Transfer &
Graduate School


  • School selection and timeline management

  • Academic advising throughout college

  • Research, internship and activity support

  • Common App, Coalition App, and individual school app support

  • Personal statement and supplemental essay support

  • GRE, MCAT, GMAT, LSAT plan and preparation for graduate school applicants

  • Medical, Business, and Law school admissions

  • Master and PhD programs

Research and Academic Support


Independent research and publications have long been recognized and appreciated by elite colleges and graduate schools. Insight Academix offers research opportunities in various subjects including STEM and the Humanities, with top-notch mentors from prestigious institutions. We also support students to submit to and publish at top journals and conferences.
High-profile tutors are available to support daily academic needs, as well as standardized tests and competitions.

Guided Research Mentoring 

  • For High School and College Students

  • Multitude of subjects including Economics, Psychology, Computer Science, and Biology

  • Publication support for journals and conferences

  • Research-based competitions, such as ISEF and STS

  • Mentors from Ivy League colleges and other elite institutions

Professional Tutoring 

  • AP and IB classes

  • SAT, ACT, and AP exams

  • Olympiads

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