College Bullseye is a web-based software that provides high school students with free college counseling. Based on user-provided personal and academic data, our algorithm generates monthly personalized advice to help users reach their top choice schools. Because we believe that the college admissions process includes all four years of high school, not just junior and senior years, these sets of advice are generated for students from freshman to senior year. Based on their interests and academic performance, we recommend actions class registration, club participation, standardized tests, application processes, and other aspects of high school life. We also have sections of the website dedicated to helping students match with colleges that are the best fit for them based on selectivity and personal preferences like student demographics and campus location, and we can calculate the percent chance a student has of being admitted to any of the 700 colleges in our database. Lastly, we have a forum where students can ask questions and receive advice from our moderators, and we hope this resource will grow as time goes on and we gain more users.

Since 2014